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    PS-303 9W Projector Speaker (Uni-direction)

    PS-303 9W Projector Speaker (Uni-direction)  Strong-point speaker features: 1. Structure A. Easy to combine several strong-point speaker for multiply

    PS-303 9W Projector Speaker (Uni-direction) 


    Strong-point speaker features: 

    1. Structure 

    A. Easy to combine several strong-point speaker for multiply direction application. 

    B. Diverse mounting styles for diverse locations. 

    C. Easy to adjust the output power 

    D. Focus sound in one direction and create strong sound pressure level in one direction. 

    E. Beautiful and innovative shape. 

    F. Waterproof cloth and waterproof cone are employed to ensure good waterproof performance. 

    G. Step-positioning structure for exactly direction. 

    2. Electro acoustic characteristics 

    A. Rubber surround driver with good LF performance. Horn speaker employs 2-way coaxial driver. 

    B. Inside the enclosure, absorptive material such as absorptive batting is used to reduce the internal reflection of sound which causes degradation of sound quality. 

    C. Step-adjusting the output power. 

    D. Metallike color.

    Technical data :

    Rated power9W 18W 
    Max power18W 36W
    SPL104dB 108dB 
    Sensitivity 91db92db
    Rated voltage100V 100V 
    Rated impedance1111ohms 1111ohms 
    Effective frequency range175Hz-20KHz 175Hz-20KHz 
    External dimension160X210mm 160X210mm 
    Color Silver Silver 
    Weight 1.7kg  1.7kg