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    4 zone music system BSPH CIM-0504

    Smart phone bluetooth and WIFI remote control household amplifier. 4 Zones sound system amplifier for home, mini villa, office, coffee shop, restaurant,familiy mart, seven-eleven Control with touch Screen pad and Hi-Fi Speakers





    4 zones HIFI stereo output, 4*2*20W, 7 sound source MP3, DVD, BLUETOOTH, FM/AM, 3 AUX, RS-232, WIFI and Bluetooth control 

    4 zones, 160W, WIFI and Bluetooth control, multiroom audio system CIM-0504   


    Quick Detail :

    ♦ 160W

    ♦ 4channels for 4zones HiFi speaker output 

    ♦ 7audio source 


    Applications  :

    BSPH's 4Zones MultiRoom Music System is an Background Music System applying to home, office , shop , market , hotel and so on. 


    Features :


    Power and Speaker Connect :

    ♦ Rated power : 160W Combined amplifier

    ♦ 8 ohm speaker output, HiFi stereo output

    ♦ Total 4zone music output, 4zone output with 2x20W stereo sound


    7Audio Sources :



    Output :

    ♦ 4zones of Hi-Fi stereo sound output

    ♦ 4output of keypads connectors for remote control panel

    ♦ Video output 


    Control System:

    ♦ WIFI and Blutooth control by cellphone

    ♦ IOS and Android system are Suit for the cell phone Control  


    Music program:

    ♦ Users can pre-program the music for 4zones by The Multi-Room Controller 

    ♦ Can fix the starting time, Room Number and Music List by editing each Audio source 

    ♦ Can set up to 99 programs each day ,and recycle by weekly

    ♦ Adjust the Volume, Bass, Treble independently



    Competitive Advantage:


    1. Preset music at specified time :

    -- Set a song as an alarm to wake you up in the morning


    2. Play different music in different rooms at the same time :

    --You are able to play the classical music in elder's room and play pop music in the youth’s room while playing DVD movie in the living room and playing radio in kitchen. 


    3. Remote control panel for each zone's individually control:

    -- 4data ports for 4remote control panels in different zones


    4. Ipod / Iphone Connection :  

    -- Ipod function, ipod and its equipment can be accessed for playing with recharge effect and new generation iphone support hot plug. 

    -- Control keypad can display the song number and words when playing.


    5. WIFI Control: 

    -- Access the LAN interface to your home wireless LAN (Local Area Network), 

    -- IOS or Android Phone can control the music system by installing software


    6. Emergency Alarm Function: 

    -- Alarm Short Circuit Trigger Connector 

    -- Support 6 way EMC input, such as: doorbell, Ask for help, gas leaking, indoor or outdoor deployment 

    -- Offer Customize alarm input function; the system will play music or alarm sound


    7. RS-232 communication interface 

    --which can be able to access to smart Home central system, realize the unification to smart home appliance.


    8. IR Connection 

    --The Unit offer infrared learning function for the AUX sound source, like CD, DVD, SAT 


    Technical specification